YouTube’s Wengie Puts The Wow In Lifestyle Hacks–10 Of Her Best

Beauty Blogger Wengie is clearly a YouTube favorite with more than 2.3 million subscribers.


Here are Wengie’s 10 Best Lifestyle Hacks to try:


  1. Use a simple shaver to make your favorite sweaters, tops and other knit fabrics look brand new again. Just shave away the lint, and watch your clothing come alive.


  1. Removing keys from your key ring can mean another broken nail. Use a staple remover to latch on to the ring to pry it open. Then, swing the key around and out by the staple remover.


  1. If you’re constantly forgetting things you need to take with you as you walk out the door, learn to be a “stacker.” Stack things on top of each other and lay your car keys at the very top, then grab and go.


  1. Writing stuff down that you don’t want anyone else having access to? Scribble random letters and numbers on top of your notes to disguise nosy readers who might later go searching in your trash.


  1. Hate folding laundry? Force yourself into neatness by throwing the pile on to your bed, so before you lay down at night, you’ll be reminded to fold them.


  1. Key documents can become crumpled in your bag. Cut a piece of cardboard to slip inside a Ziploc bag. You can store your passport and stuff in this protectable pouch.


  1. Hate taking out the garbage and finding a soppy mess in the bottom of your kitchen trash bin? Stop leaky foods by lining the inside of your trash bag with newspaper.


  1. Waiting for the perfect shower temperature? When you find your favorite hotness, mark it with a marker on the handle. Renters can use a whiteboard marker.


  1. Cereal losing its crunch as it gets near the bottom of the box? Take a colander and shake out the crumbs. You can use those tiny pieces in other recipes.


  1. To avoid buying duplicate items at the grocery store, take photos of your fridge before you go, so you can see what you have in there and not overspend.


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