Helane Morrison Brings Businesses To a More Ethical State

I am definitely big on ethics. It scares me when I hear about businesses acting outside of ethics. Among the businesses that are throwing ethics out of the window are financial institutions. There have been a lot of crooked actions in the financial industry. During the economic crash of 2008, a lot of underhanded tactics were revealed. This has resulted in people losing trust in the financial industry. A lot of people have began to take responsibility of their own finances instead of relying on financial institutions to help with that. Compliance officers have begun to crack down on how financial institutions are dealing with their clients.

Among the compliance officers that are handling the affairs with the financial institution is Helane Morrison. Helane is someone who is very passionate about ethical handling business between the institution and the person. Helane has studied really hares as a compliance officer who believes in a cause. She has fought hard to bring forth honesty and integrity in financial institutions so that people can trust them again. She is often faced with adversity. However, she has proven that she is very tough and thick skinned. No kinds of threats will discourage her from carrying out her objective.

Helane has learned from plenty of people. Among the mentors she has studied under is Harry A Blackmun. Harry is someone who has shown her how crazy the industry could be. He has received a lot of threats as he stood up for the rights of women. He has taught Helane Morrison that she is going to have to deal with similar attitudes. One thing I admire about Helanie Morrison is that she has the confidence to pursue what she believes in. She is especially courageous in tackling the issue. Helane has shown herself to be effective in getting the industry back onto a trustworthy level.

Efficient Software for Quality Online Reputation Management

RWS (Retailer Web Services) has just revealed its plans to offer reputation management software called “WebFronts Review.” The online marketing company indicated this while at the MEGA Group USA Fall National Convention. This software was made solely for durable goods retailers that operate independently.
Jennie Gilbert works as the COO (Chief Operating Officer) of RWS. She stated that reviews on the Internet are becoming more and more influential and relevant. She also stated that these reviews often impact shoppers’ choices in purchases. Gilbert believes that successful online reputation management can introduce significant growth chances for retailers. RWS created WebFronts Review to give retailers the opportunity to quickly and efficiently discover information that’s exchanged about them through the Internet. The company also created the program to help retailers who need to deal with problematic online reviews. Online Reputation Reviews can even assist businesses that would like to boost strong reviews from customers and clients. The goal of WebFront Reviews is to make it as easy as possible for businesses of all types to take control of their Internet reputations. Word spreads quickly on the Internet. Businesses that receive excessive numbers of poor reviews often suffer the consequences. If a bakery gets consistent reviews from people who believe that it sells croissants and rolls that are stale, that could impact its customer base in a significant way. Good reviews naturally have the opposite effect. Consistent and frequent glowing reviews from customers can have domino effects. If a small local bookstore receives nonstop praise from satisfied customers on the Internet, that could encourage people to follow suit. Businesses that want to thrive should always acknowledge and understand the immense power of the Internet.

WebFronts Review assesses popular review websites on a daily basis. Examples of these sites are Facebook, Yelp and Google. The program notifies retailers about the emergence of brand new online reviews through both text message and email. WebFronts Reviews also enables retailers to put strong reviews on display for others to see on Facebook.

RWS is a website design and eCommerce business that’s located in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was established in 2006.


YouTube’s Wengie Puts The Wow In Lifestyle Hacks–10 Of Her Best

Beauty Blogger Wengie is clearly a YouTube favorite with more than 2.3 million subscribers.


Here are Wengie’s 10 Best Lifestyle Hacks to try:


  1. Use a simple shaver to make your favorite sweaters, tops and other knit fabrics look brand new again. Just shave away the lint, and watch your clothing come alive.


  1. Removing keys from your key ring can mean another broken nail. Use a staple remover to latch on to the ring to pry it open. Then, swing the key around and out by the staple remover.


  1. If you’re constantly forgetting things you need to take with you as you walk out the door, learn to be a “stacker.” Stack things on top of each other and lay your car keys at the very top, then grab and go.


  1. Writing stuff down that you don’t want anyone else having access to? Scribble random letters and numbers on top of your notes to disguise nosy readers who might later go searching in your trash.


  1. Hate folding laundry? Force yourself into neatness by throwing the pile on to your bed, so before you lay down at night, you’ll be reminded to fold them.


  1. Key documents can become crumpled in your bag. Cut a piece of cardboard to slip inside a Ziploc bag. You can store your passport and stuff in this protectable pouch.


  1. Hate taking out the garbage and finding a soppy mess in the bottom of your kitchen trash bin? Stop leaky foods by lining the inside of your trash bag with newspaper.


  1. Waiting for the perfect shower temperature? When you find your favorite hotness, mark it with a marker on the handle. Renters can use a whiteboard marker.


  1. Cereal losing its crunch as it gets near the bottom of the box? Take a colander and shake out the crumbs. You can use those tiny pieces in other recipes.


  1. To avoid buying duplicate items at the grocery store, take photos of your fridge before you go, so you can see what you have in there and not overspend.


What Do Hotel Guests Seek Most – Great Service or Enhanced Amenities

For the 20th straight year, J.D. Powers has released a study on overall hotel guest satisfaction in eight hotel segments, that measure seven key metrics, including hotel facilities, costs and fees, food and beverage and more. The results indicate guests seek enhanced amenities, those must-haves include complimentary breakfast, free parking, and wi-fi accessibility. Yet, many guests have supported the inclusion of luxury linen and bedding as a desired feature. But as many of these features become standard in most hotels, differentiation must be accomplished with an exceptional service environment, and this is a quality that any hotel can aspire to, with a trained staff and leadership dedicated to customer service.

Baltes Commercial Realty, LTD, is a premiere real estate broker that specializes in hotel and commercial properties. Ranked as a top hotel properties specialist in the Dayton, Ohio area, founder Terry Baltes, takes a dual approach to developing and serving his client base, being customer-oriented and goal-oriented has been the driving principle for 39 years since the company’s incubation. Dedicated to creating a supreme experience for clients has gained the company a high level of success in and outside of the Dayton area.

As a graduate of Ohio State University with triple degrees in the areas of marketing, financing, and real estate, Mr. Baltes has an impressive rate of hotel sales and holds many listings across the midwest. He has positioned himself as one knowledgeable in what makes a great hotel, as well as the many unfortunate stories he has experienced from hotels that have failed because they neglected to regard great customer service and enhanced amenities as vital to success in this sector.

Hotel ownership is a serious and lucrative business venture. Those hotels that feature sturdy construction, prime locations, and offer low maintenance can offer a strong cash flow. Partnering with a hotel broker experienced in analyzing hotel listings and is familiar with market trends is key when seeking to buy a hotel as an investment.

Visit Terry Baltes’ Vimeo profile to see more.

CEO and Philanthropist Andy Wirth

Andrew “Andy” Wirth is not only an avid partaker in both philanthropy and community service, but also the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He’s been at it in the mountain resort and lodging industry for over 25 years. And, as the grandson of former US National Park Service director Conrad Wirth, you could say the field and the likes of it run through his veins.

Wirth was born on July 25th, 1963 in the army base town of Nuebrucke, West Germany. His career path really shifted into gear when he decided to begin schooling at Colorado State University. From there, he would further his industry studies at Scotland’s iconic Edinburgh University.

While receiving his education, Andy Wirth acquired valuable experience serving as a ranger for Rocky Mountain National Parks as well as San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Post college and post forest ranger duties, he took on an internship and eventually began working at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 2006.

During his time, he took on a variety of marketing and management roles, and was eventually promoted to the status of Mountain Village Partnership’s president. He stayed with this company until 2010.

It was this year that the role of CEO at Squaw Valley ski resort was passed from former director Nancy Cushing to Andy Wirth himself. Almost immediately into his administration, Andy Wirth put into place a a $70 million upgrade to the resort, ultimately enhancing the winter sport haven, and elevating it to the same standards as competing skiing areas.

After just one year, the efforts paid off, and the resort was placed in the top 20 percent of the skiing industry. In addition, under Wirth’s watch the company came to be merged with Alpine Meadows Ski resort, thus allowing guests to purchase a single ticket with admittance to both properties.

The extensively accommodating hideaway offers everything from spas and yoga, to aerial tram rides, camps for the kids, and at nature’s providing, the stunning mountaintop view to take it all in from.

While synchronously juggling his CEO oversights of not one, but now two resorts, Wirth has somehow managed to maintain time for something crucial, supportive, and community-bettering: service and philanthropy.

With a nod to his park ranger roots, Andy Wirth is a major contributor to local environmental organizations, as well as community service organizations in the Tahoe area.

He was the Fall 2014 commencement speaker for Colorado State University’s College of Natural Resources graduation ceremony, and most recently, in January of 2016, was named Chairman and President of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation.

Learn more about Andy Wirth: http://www.powder.com/tag/andy-wirth/

Town Residential Is At The Center Of An NYC Real Estate Boom

New York City is consistently the epicenter of one grand real estate deal after the other. Just when it seems like the city’s real estate scene cannot possibly impress people more, something new arrives to send shockwaves across the landscape. 10 amazing new real estate projects are looming on the horizon. The Real Deal has the full story on the developments.

A project at 28-10 Queens Plaza South, Queens will be made possible through a $640 million construction loan. 22 Chapel Street, Brooklyn is slated to become a new home to 150,000+ of squared-footed rental spaces. 827 Broadway, Manhattan is going to experience a multi-million dollar overhaul and become a new retail location in the heart of the Big Apple. The other projects listed in the article are equally impressive and prove an undeniable truth: the real estate market in New York is growing and will continue to grow. Barring a major downturn in the economy, New York commercial and residential real estate should continue to do strong.

Real estate deals, especially complicated ones, require a host of careful hands to guide the buying, selling, and leasing. This is where the experienced staff of Town Residential may prove incredibly helpful. Although Town Residential has only been on the NYC scene for about five years, the company has been able to make a huge and impressive name for itself. The firm’s success is impossible to ignore.

The experienced staff of Town Residential contributed greatly to the company’s overall track record for success with NYC properties. By bringing together outstanding professionals in the field, Town Residential is perfectly primed to be a part of all the big things in the real estate industry. Clients who work with Town Residential are then able to share in the firm’s success.

Wen: A Unique Product

Hair care can be a sensitive subject. Some of you have been relying on the same products for years, while others still haven’t found that go-to line that does the best job on their hair. Well, clearly it takes a few different kinds of products to achieve your everyday style, but with a product called Wen hair, you may not need all those silly extras. The Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a single formula that includes shampoo, conditioner and a treatment in it, which makes it easier to take care of those key things, while totally transforming your hair into the healthiest you’ve ever seen it.

Chaz Dean invented this amazing line of hair formulas to help women achieve their best hair looks much easier. He is a hair professional and has been in the industry for over thirty years. No stranger to the celebrity scene, you can find his popular salon in the heart of Hollywood. He is trusted among thousands with his professional styling abilities and now, trusted with his amazing hair products that boost your hair health, along with your style, while decreasing prep time. He sells his line on Total Beauty and on high end cosmetics stores like Sephora.

After hearing so many wonderful testimonials about Wen Cleansing Conditioners, a young lady decided to try it out. She used it for a period of one week and shared her results with the internet on a site called bustle.com. She was sick of her thin hair and wanted voluminous locks to ensure less styling time and easier to manage hair. Well, that’s exactly what she got! In one week, she found that her hair was not only soft and shiny, but her hair looked bouncier, had added volume and beautiful waves. Wen can clearly transform hair, and it sure doesn’t take long. To see her new locks check this out: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Check out the Wen hair FAQ page: http://www.wen.com/faq.html


Don Ressler; Co-Founder of Three Companies

Don Ressler is the proud founder of several active and successful startups. The first startup firm he founded is the FitnessHeaven.com. He sold FitnessHeaven.com to the Intermix Media Company in the year 2001. Working together with Adam Goldenberg of Intermix Media, they created Alena Media. This firm was an online business and advertising platform. Alena proved to be a successful business venture; Intermix earned a lot of money from this platform. Later, in 2005, News Corporation acquired Intermix Media. News Corporation discarded the profitable Alena Media. Goldenberg and Ressler had to move out now that their services were not desirable in the company.

Working from Goldenberg’s house, the two partners held a brainstorming meeting with the employees of Alena. Within a fortnight, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg co-founded Intelligent Beauty. This e-commerce platform first started the business with the creation of DERMSTORE. DERMSTORE is an online marketing platform for cosmetics and skincare products and services. Two years later, the firm launched the SENSA; a weight loss system. During this launch, the Intelligent Beuty hired Dr. Alan Hirsch and also brought in Brett Brewer to act as the Chief Executive Officer. Brett is the founder of Intermix. Both the DERMSTORE and SENSA are very profitable even though the company has never released its financial report. They first engaged in funding the company using the profits gained. In 2008, Intelligent Beauty received a $4.3 million monetary fund from the Technology Crossover Ventures at http://www.bizjournals.com/search?q=%22Don+Ressler%22.

As of 2010, Don Ressler and his friend Goldenberg founded JustFab. JustFab is an e-commerce subscription fashion store. In the following year, the company received a cash fund of $33million from the Matrix Partners. In September of this year, Kimora Lee Simmons was named the President and Creative Director of JustFab. By December 2011 the company already had over 4 million members. In April 2012, the firm crossed the 6 million member mark. This increase member rate, so the cofounders of the online business raise a total of $76 million from various organizations. Among them Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Crossover Ventures, and Intelligent Beauty in June 2012.

By then many of their customers were parents. To reach a broad market, JustFab bought FabKids; a kids fashion online subscription company, The Fab Shoes; a European Fashion firm. The members of Fab Shoes together with the members of JustFab reached a total of 3 million new members from the European community. The online marketing store on perezhilton.com has also acquired several other companies including its biggest competitor the ShoeDazzle. In April 2016 Fabletics; the company’s fastest expanding label, already owned six mortar and brick locations and plans underway to open another 100 stores within the next five years. You can find more information about JustFab online. Visit their official site if you wish to join them.