Fabletics, Making You Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Marie Claire Magazine recently published an article with a spotlight on Kate Hudson and her new line of ultra-comfortable dresses, called “Fabletics.” To add to the chic punning, Hudson describes the dresses as “athleisure” wear, allowing women to easily transition from a day to night look.

When Kate says the clothes are comfortable, she’s not lying. Although made out of performance materials similar to workout/fitness garb, some of the YouTube videos and outfits have bras built right in! As Kate says, this dress is the cozy, loose-fitting and casual cousin of the “Little Black Dress.”

At the same time, though, Kate’s designs for the breezy Fabletics dresses and swimsuits are inspired by high-fashion, couture, edgy styles. The bikinis and workout wear have cute designs like galaxy print, and sleek, thinning silhouettes. Bright colors in bold color-block are sure to liven up your wardrobe and highlight your best features, even if you’re on a run and not looking your hottest. Fabletics is all about making sure you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for utility.

However, as Kate just unveiled with Marie Claire this April, Fabletics isn’t just an activewear line anymore, either. “Athleisure” wear is versatile enough that you can sport the clothes on the town, too, not just in the gym.

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The Fabletics brand is expanding beyond just women, as well. Kate Hudson’s brother Olivier launched FL2, a men’s activewear brand, just this March. And Fabletics isn’t just an online market anymore, either — it opened up its first physical stores last September, in lofty locations like Woodland Hills.

Anyone who wants to subscribe to Fabletics and receive monthly clothing gifts can head over to fabletics.com and fill out a personalized survey about their own workout goals and habits. With this quiz, your activewear not only fits on your body, but fits your lifestyle as well.

It may have been William Shakespeare who said, “Clothes make the man,” but it’s Kate Hudson who’s saying, clothes make the girl, and the girl wants to be comfortable! Fabletics keeps things customized by sending you “Outfits” that fit the profile results of your quiz, sometimes with added accessories to boot.

In the interview with Marie Claire, Kate stresses the value of comfort, whether at work or on a date, and how “athleisure” clothing allows you to focus on your life, instead of on how cramped your clothing feels. You may have heard the saying, “Beauty is pain.” But with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
Source: https://www.internetretailer.com/2016/02/24/fabletics-aims-stretch-its-online-reach-more-stores

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