ClassDojo has the Power to Change Education at the Grassroots Level

A fifth grade student at Philips Elementary School in Napa suffers from Selective Mutism, a condition characterized by inability to speak in social situations. However, when the student took part in a class discussion, a classmate of his intervened saying that his classmate should be given Dojo points for that as he was brave to speak out.
This student was referring to the popular ClassDojo platform, a mobile app and a web platform that their teachers uses to track, communicate with their parents about their mindset and behaviors in classroom. The application is a twenty five-person San Francisco start up that have gone viral among education institutions.
According to its co-founder and CEO, Sam Chaudhary, the platform is a free tool aimed at giving kids, teachers and parents the power to change the power of education at the proletarian level. The company has hit the tipping point in being mainstream at a great deals schools, most of which have multiple classrooms. Currently, the platform is being used by millions of teachers at approximately 85,000 schools in United States, two thirds of which are k-12 category schools.
After unveiling another of its products for school principals last month, the platform has already gathered 30,000 school administrators, representing approximately a quarter of United States schools. Their tactic is actually being adopted by other prolific companies including Dropbox, Yammer and Slack.
Even with its grassroots background, ClassDojo is winning respect from observers and educators. The platform is earning huge praise particularly with middle and elementary schools, where it is perceived as a way of engaging students resulting to better classroom instructions.
Teachers often uses the app to award Dojo points as well as makes note when kids are on track, show teamwork, obtain a correct answer in a test as well learn more mysterious skills. Teachers are excited about the platform with some finding it exciting to manage more than 12 classroom at the palm of their hands.
Each student is symbolized by a monster-like or avatar symbol which is a reflection of their personal traits. This is what is depicted on the app. There is a Class Story feature on the site allowing teachers to send updates in form of pictures and videos to parents of each students. Just like a private social media platform, the platform display the views and likes of entry posted onto the site.


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