Securus Technologies Continues With Revolutionizing Inmate Communication Technologies

Securus Technologies, is a Texas-based company renowned for providing inmate communication solutions for civil, criminal justice, as well as law enforcement agencies. Recently, in a report by the company has released THREADS 3.1, and this came after it was formally introduced in December 2015. It is evident Securus technologist has appreciated THREADS3.1.

THREADS 3.1 greatly improve upon powerful THREADS software. The 3.1 upgrade make the system easy to use, more streamlined, and connected with the latest web-based technology. THREADS upgrade the system into HTML5 from traditional SilverLight architecture.

THREADS come with a wave of new features such as inmate phone call analysis, context-reporting services, customizable mapping and printing options, and ability to listen to call within the original THREADS. The software eliminates what is unnecessary in and leaves only what is required by users thus improving navigation function, search function, and record loading substantially.

It is evident, Securus engineers and technologist have to take the time to design one of the most highly actionable intelligence software tools that provide focused leads to investigators, and yet it requires very little training. Investigators will find their jobs significantly improved due to this upgrade.

Securus Technologies advanced technology does not only serve people in criminal justice and law enforcement but also serve citizens in need of inmate communication with loved ones who are incarcerated. The company offers Video visitation and phone capabilities that leverage the powerful technology upgrade.

Securus has revolutionized inmate communication through its edge cutting technology solutions. Currently, the company serves more than 1.2 million inmates across North America. Besides, it serves over 3,450 law enforcements, corrections, and public safety agencies.

The Company [see,] has demonstrated its commitments to its vision of making the world a safer place to live through providing unique technological solutions. Among key specialties of Securus, include inmate-self service, monitoring products, biometric analysis, investigation, emergency response, incident management, communication, and public information. Full story can also be read on the PR Newswire website.

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