Dr. Jennifer Walden: Top Notch Plastic

You might be familiar with the name, Dr. Jennifer Walden. She is one of the top twenty four plastic surgeons in the United States and while she is well known for that one fact, she is so much more. She is an inspiration to business women and mothers everywhere, for finding success and balancing a beautiful family all at once. Dr. Walden’s journey has been a long one but with dedication and hard work, she proves its possible to have it all. Her journey began in Austin, Texas, her hometown. She attended the University of Texas, then proceeded to medical school where she graduated as salutatorian. She then attended UT Galveston once she decided on her concentration, which was to become a plastic surgeon. The intricate artistry intrigued her and the idea of helping women to gain a certain confidence in their appearance motivated her. After she completed medical school, she was chosen one out of two to go to a prestigious hospital in Manhattan for an exclusive fellowship program. She fell in love with Manhattan and decided it would be where she opens her first practice. Though she already had great success, she longed to experience motherhood in her thirties. Through in-vitro-fertilization, she gave birth to twin boys, Rex and Houston. She decided she would raise her family in her hometown of Austin, instead of the busy city. She proves that women can have successful careers and juggle a family at the same time. In her spare time, she is known to be a published author and a doctor who wins many awards. This intelligent woman is motivation for all women to be independent, to set goals and to achieve them. This powerful Doctor is proof that you can have it all: happiness, success, a family and a celeb status.


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