Freedom Pop’s Fresh Service Plan

Recently, the mobile virtual network operator Freedompop has revealed a new plan to help it gain greater market share amongst mobile users. Freedompop is a company that offers sim cards that have phone service plans included with them in the price of purchase. Freedom pops great plan is to also give its users “zero-rated” access to the mobile app WhatsApp. What this will allow is for users to use WhatsApp completely free under all circumstances. Even if users have consumed their entirely monthly data allowance they will still be able to send and receive basic messages through WhatsApp. At this time, however, the zero-rated service will be pioneered in Spain and then rolled out to other countries in the future.

FreedomPop was founded in 2011 as a Los Angeles based company. Their strategy has been to give consumers exciting and low-cost mobile options centered around free talk, text, and data. Once customers are part of Freedompop’s ecosystem they upsell those who need additional data more expensive packages.  Freedompop recently received a $50 million round of funding from investors and is using those funds to fuel its expansion.

Freedompop has decided to give its user’s free access to WhatsApp because of its massive existing user base. There are more than 1 billion WhatsApp users around the globe and since WhatsApp is owned by facebook it will likely continue to expand successfully for the foreseeable future. WhatsApp was purchased by Facebook for $19 billion which is a massive vote of confidence in its services.

Freedompop is offering its zero-rate WhatsApp services without any special partnership from either Facebook or WhatsApp. This makes FreedomPop the first mobile carrier to embrace WhatsApp organically. What’s even better is that FreedomPop offers its users 200 free minutes, 200 free MB of data, and 200 free texts. This is hooking many users and turning them into loyal customers of freedom pop.

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