Allure Interviews Marlena Stell and Learns More About Makeup Underdogs

The founder of the unique makeup line discussed some key points for those attempting to promote their beauty products, and even why she believes that their success is radiating as much as their flawless foundations and color palettes. The beauty blogger turned makeup industry guru is an advocate for quality products that will never break your budget.

When asked why these underdogs are taking the top spots in the popularity contest, Marlena responded with the fact that they have a stronger online presence. Describing how taking to social media allows you to sell directly to customers on a global market, Makeup Geek’s founder also discussed how big name companies sell to other big name companies, rather than prospective consumers. Stell also discussed how big companies do not follow trends, and only rely on the basis that earned them their success. Essentially saying that famous makeup corporations become torpid.

Stell was also asked what sets these underdog products apart from drugstore makeup. Her answer being that, though drugstores have stepped their beauty games up, products shown on popular social media are of higher quality. She also stated how they offer more than the generic colors found in the drugstore. By lacking vibrancy, you lose an entire audience of people, which can truly be detrimental to a company. While this interview offered some stellar insight into the makeup industry, it also allowed readers to validate their reasons for relying on top makeup bloggers for their beauty advice.

Wengie is an Australian blogger who transforms the makeup-impaired each day. Her unique approaches to makeup application and caring for your complexion educate global audiences on how to be the most beautiful versions of themselves. Blogging about the current fads, Wengie is a fashion icon that does not need a runway.

Though Chinese, the blogger grew up in Australia. The combining of two drastically different cultures undoubtedly allows Wengie to promote beauty from two perspectives. The twenty-nine-year-old cat enthusiast regularly discusses her love for the beach, napping, and watching movies. Her passion for blogging is just an added bonus to her love of anime, Vampire Diaries, and Dexter binges. Offering the public an insight into her daily beauty rituals, favorite products, dieting secrets, and general lifestyle, the beauty blogger will only continue to grow in global popularity.


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  1. A meeting among Allure and Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek offered some knowledge regarding why magnificence items that show up on Instagram are apparently more famous than huge cosmetics partnerships. That is also a very grand way for to be able to carry out all that they can which in turn would help them get everything that they have ever desired and it may become necessary that they get everything ready for now.

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