What The European Union Should Do To Solve The Asylum Problem According George Soros.

Recently, Forbes billionaire George Soros who is famously known for his efforts in promoting human rights came forward on marketwatch.com with a piece of advice to the European Union in their asylum problem. George Soros is a big-time worldwide investor with a net worth of over $27 billion. He is also the founder of Open Society Foundation and spends much of his funds on human rights activities.
Of late, the European Union has been facing many major challenges that have been threatening to bring it down. Some of the challenges have even gone as far as dividing the union into to groups. One of such problems that are facing the European Union is the asylum seekers problem. In the continent currently, asylum seekers originate from both within and outside the union. The war in Syria is the biggest generator of asylum seekers in Europe. There has been a division in the union about what should be done by the member states over the asylum issue. Some nations agree with the European union’s chair, Angela Merkel that they should absorb the asylum seekers. On the other hand, they are those that are fully opposing this move.

George Soros says that even before the asylum seekers problem in Europe is addressed, the union should first unite. This will give them a stronger voice in whatever they are going to agree on. Apart from that, the European Union should put human rights at the center of any development that they may come up with concerning asylum seekers. George Soros asks the European Union to deliberate among all its member countries and form an asylum policy that is comprehensive. A comprehensive policy that will be formulated should include how the union should absorb both internal and external asylum seekers.

The plan according to a bloomberg.com post should also state out how the member countries of the Union will each participate in the asylum policy. George Soros says that it would be wise if the European Union could agree on absorbing about 1 million asylum seekers annually. This number would be fair in the economic and political stability of the member nations of the Union. Each country should also be part of the absorption process so that the risks could be shared and be less burdensome.

In all these plans the best interests of the Syrian population should be at the heart. A global asylum seekers response should also be put in place according to George Soros. The United Nations should oversee the global response. The European Union should also be ready to throw in enough finances to see that the asylum transition is smooth. The union should consider funding each asylum seeker with at least 15,000 euros or $16,800 annually for the first two years. This will help asylum seekers be able to settle and cover for their health-care and education bills. The financial support will also help in making sure that even smaller nations in the union were ready to take in refugees. George Soros urges the European Union to issue long-term bonds under their highly potential AAA borrowing capacity to raise this finances. This will also help the union recover its economy as it will act as a fiscal stimulus.


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