Bruce Levenson: Always Willing To Help Others!

Born Jewish in the Washington D. C. area, Levenson was raised in the small town of Chevy Chase, Maryland. Picking a college to attend, Levenson went to Washington University that is located in St Louis. Levenson decided to go to law school at the American University. Going to law school at night, Levenson began a career in journalism at the Washington Star.

Bruce Levenson and friend, Ed Peskowitz, began a career that blossomed into a major company, the United Communications Group. Levenson and Peskowitz started with a published newsletter, in 1977, in an apartment that was owned by Levenson’s father. Levenson and Peskowitz wrote about the oil industry and the way the oil industry was constantly growing and the many changes of policies and laws along the way. Levenson and Peskowitz forged on to an even bigger market when they purchased several other newsletters and started writing about banking, telecommunications, healthcare, and many other types of organizations and industries.

In 2004, Levenson and Peskowitz were the majority partners of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Team along with other businessmen who had interest in the Phillips Arena and the basketball team. Levenson was also the team’s managing partner.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson, by then known as a philanthropist, and his wife, Karen, formed the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This nonprofit was established in 2010 and educates students on the ways to run nonprofit companies.

In 2014, Levenson’s mother-in-law, Irene Boyarsky, a Holocaust survivor, traveled with Bruce and his wife, Karen, along with the team members of the Hawks to the U. S. Holocaust Museum in Washington D. C. The Levenson’s donate to the museum and while there he gave a speech of Ms. Boyarsky’s terrible ordeal that she had lived through. The Levenson’s are donors to many other Jewish organizations and are members of the Hoop Dream Foundation. Bruce Levenson also served on the I Have A Dream Foundation, as well.

Levenson decided to sell his ownership in 2014 of the Atlanta Hawks and is working with an investment banking firm for their assistance and expertise in this field of service.

The Levenson’s own several homes in the United States and are parents to three children, all boys. The Levenson’s are proud of their participation in several special charities and continue to be giving of their time and generosity.


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  1. Their company soon made them both a lot of money because of the special information that they were able to provide to other major industries. Bruce Levenson was always destined for great things. It might have been so serious in which academic writing would be planted and that is the way around it.

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