There’s a New Health Food Trend That’s Heading for Pet Bowls

The Daily Herald recently reported about one of the biggest trends in health food. That in itself should come as no surprise. The past few decades have seen people more and more interested in eating fresher, cleaner, and more nutritionally. A reporter seeing a company CEO happily sampling his company’s organic food and remarking that it tastes like Thanksgiving should come as no surprise. What might come as a surprise is the fact that the company in question makes dog food. The recent health trend is high quality dog food which uses ingredients so fresh that even humans would love it. The Daily Herald went on to report that this is hardly an isolated instance. They mentioned that many larger companies have started investigating the benefits of healthier foods for dogs. And additionally many companies with an established record are finding increased praise for their longstanding work in that area. One of the most significant is Beneful. The company has long prided itself in using fresh and natural ingredients that are based on a dog’s instinctual preferences and biological needs. This also means that there’s some surprising aspects to this high quality dog food brand. People don’t expect to see fresh vegetables when they open up dog food containers. But one of the things that Beneful contacts has long held to is that one needs to find the real nutritional needs of man’s furry friend. An emphasis on nutrition means some vegetables. But as The Daily Herald noted, there’s a lot of wolf to be found in the average dog’s tastes. While they’ve evolved to handle and even need some vegetables, they’ll always fall in love with any kind of meat placed before them. But at the same time Beneful noticed that dogs have a similar need for variety that humans do. Even with the best ingredients a dog no more wants to eat the same thing every meal than a human would. As a result they’ve created a large line of different tastes, each powered by a different type of fresh and nutritious meat.

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  1. This allows dogs to not only satisfy their physical health, but mental as well. Because both dogs and humans alike are happiest when they get to have a wide choice of happy and fresh foods. I know for sure that could have pulled that away for a long time.

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