The Trail Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius, a leading athlete in South Africa, was charged and tried for the murder of his lover Reeva Steenkamp. The trail commenced on 3rd March 2014 at the South African High Court. The trail proceeded for a period of over six months, when the presiding judge delivered his verdict that Oscar was culpable for homicide and not murder as earlier charged. He was sentenced in October 2014 for a five year jail term for manslaughter and three year suspended sentence for using his firearm recklessly.


His girlfriend, Steenkamp was a model died on 14th February 2013, after Pistorius mistook her for an intruder. The prosecutor in this case told the court that Oscar shot Steenkamp intentionally through the door, but the accused said he thought his girlfriend was asleep during the incidence. In November 2015, the appeal against his verdict commenced at Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa. In early December, the court overturned the sentence, and upgrading the verdict to murder according to the prosecutor’s charges. The trail is expected to proceed on 18th April 2016, when Oscar will be back in court although he is still out on bond.


Career Life of Brenda Wardle


Brenda Wardle is one of the legal experts who have been following closely the trail of Oscar Pistorius. Brenda is a legal analyst from South Africa who is recognize across the globe for providing legal services locally and abroad. She has handled many high profile cases, and was a regular guest during the trial of Oscar in South Africa and also abroad. She has three law degrees starting with Intermediary, Bachelors and Masters. Currently, Brenda is pursuing her PhD in law at the University of South Africa. She has penned several articles that relates to legal issues that are being published in journals and other print media.


She has been interviewed by several media houses including local and international stations (both radio and television). She has been interviewed by Jeremy Thompson of Sky News, Karin and Andrew of BBC, and E News Africa among others. She has published a book relating to Pistorius trail and it is expected to offer an excitement to the reader.

There’s a New Health Food Trend That’s Heading for Pet Bowls

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