Doe Deere and Lime Crime. The Story Behind The Mysterious Enterprise

Doe Deere is the CEO of Lime Crime cosmetics, a makeup brand that has amassed a successful following internationally solely through the internet. Doe Deere is a Russia native who came to New York with big dreams of fashion and an entrepreneurial mindset.

From early childhood it became apparent that the rather reserved, yet ambitious spirited Doe Deere was a diamond in the rough. Thus the now known “Queen of Unicorns” was not always the epitome of bold, nor a master of makeup.

When Doe Deere began to really hon her skills as a makeup artist in her early 20’s, she endured some rough patches as a late bloomer. Nevertheless, every artist must take time to develop their signature formula, and Doe was no exception. Doe’s awkward phase of experimenting with makeup eventually led to a revolutionary period that inspired her to become a makeup artist; and later the founder of her very own makeup line.

Her journey all began with the launching of her first Ebay store which she entitled “Lime Crime” in the year 2004. Though the inspiration behind this name originally was for the use of a fashion line, the eccentric name stuck, and proved to be a marketable niche for the representation of her colorful and daring cosmetic line.

The official cosmetic line for Lime Crime was then launched in the year 2008, but instead of being on Ebay, Doe developed her own professional website and began venturing into promotional campaigns. Although the internet served as the major platform for Lime Crime, Doe didn’t let internet limit her. She did much of her promotion through online magazines and social media, yet also hosted events which provided samples of her makeup in order to get her brand’s name out.

Doe Deere managed to create a makeup brand which contained various pieces of her child-like essences and imagination, her flair for fashion, and vivid, daring colors! Lime Crime was a beautiful outward manifestation of Doe Deere’s transformation of a Caterpillar who had bloomed into a butterfly, and the entire world wanted a piece of that special magic….

Deere’s enterprising instincts, paired with her ability to take risks in business proves that she is a born business-woman. Doe has an amazing ability to to merge her creative fantasy persona with her branding in a way that is intriguing, yet professional. What began as a small-time company of one, later flourished into a respectable small team of individuals who work with Doe Deere to keep Lime Crime a success. Although Doe Deere is independent and likes to be hand on, the idea of Doe running such a increasingly big business is unrealistic. To attend promotional events and keep up with all of Lime Crime’s orders and demands would not keep Lime Crime at the high quality caliber of customer service that it consistently maintains.

Doe manages Lime Crime herself, with the assistance of her husband Mark, who has been a reliable support system throughout the years. Doe Deere and her small team of experts who assist with her social media promotions and other Lime Crime needs are now based in Los Angeles California.

Till today, Doe Deere’s creative edge still refuses to die out, which can be validated through her consistent altering and evolving, in both her cosmetic creations and self. Doe Deere’s makeup line is synonymous with her outgoing personality and pride as an individual; both of which are qualities that are just as infectious as her fanciful color formulas!

Today Doe Deere stands the proud owner of her own cosmetic company, and has achieved a great deal of independence financially at a young age.

Having not come from the most opulent financial background, yet rising to notoriety, proves that people everywhere, particularly women, can learn a great deal about the power of networking, consistency, and staying true to your dream.

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