Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Helps With Economic Development in New Jersey

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation helps organize the development of the community of Newark. They want to to help businesses grow. Here is some great information about Newark Community Development Corporation.

This company helps bring in new businesses to the area. They also help to attract them to the area and keep them there. This company partners with Newark Department of Economic & Housing Development to find activities that will entice people to move to the area and open a business.

This company thinks that small, family owned businesses are just as important to the area then big businesses. This is why they make every effort to help these businesses as well. They also think that minority run businesses are important and they help them.

Newark provides a lot of different services. One thing that they help with is real estate. They help businesses in the area select the site they want to build on. They also help businesses get permits and the financing to build.

Another service they provide is helping small businesses develop. They are available for these businesses if they have any questions. They assist these businesses with a ton of different tasks.

Developing neighborhoods is another service that Newark provides. They make sure that the neighborhoods that are built are profitable. They also help with managing these projects and planning the builds.

They also help industries. These include the manufacturing, health services, higher education and research, arts and entertainment, and information technology industries. They make sure that these businesses provide great wages for the people living in Newark. They make sure that they are in a good financial state so that residents will get paid and the businesses stay stable.

Newark provides small business loans to individuals that qualify. They provide individuals with loans that are under twenty thousand dollars. In order to qualify for this loan individuals must have experience in the business they are trying to open. They must also have filed all their tax returns.

The CFO for Newark is Kevin Seawright. He is very qualified for the position since he has several different degrees. He went to the Almeda University and got his Masters in Accounting. He then went back to school in 2015 to get his Executive Leadership Certification at Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business.

Seawright has been a financial leader for over thirteen years. He provides lots of financial services for Newark. He helps with payroll as well as finances that are received. He also oversees the paying of the bills for the company.  He can be found on Twitter and even on Mashable, where he frequently discusses the business news of the day.

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