Brad Reifler: The Benevolent Banker

When most of us think of investment banking, words like “1%”, “Wall Street”, and “wealthy” spring to mind. We picture investment bankers as fat cats that cater to the people at the very top of the economic food chain. We imagine people who are making millions of dollars every year and further distancing an already distant middle class. However, this certainly does not seem the case with Brad Reifler. He has devised a means that allows the financilly stable middle class to begin closing that gap.

Brad Reifler began Forefront Capital, the company he is now most widely known for, in 2009. Before that, this serial entrepreneur began his own company in 1982 called Reifler Trading company that was sold to Refco, a company Reifler was an excellent trader for, in 2000. He has been involved in a great many financial projects and investment companies and seems to have an unquestionable passion for all things investment related.

The resume of Brad Reifler is quite impressive. He co-founded and served as chairman and CEO of a company called Pali Capital. Pali Capital is a firm that provides a large number of global financial services. Aside from being involved with the creation and operation of Pali Capital, Reifler served as director for companies such as Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, and European American Investment Bank. The director position he currently holds is for a company called Sino Mercury Company.

Though he may be an incredible financial mind overall, his most impressive work has been in allowing the American middle-class an opportunity to close the ever-growing financial gap through modest investments. Reuters has even covered the advice that he gives to new investors. He admits that he spent a great deal of his early financial career on the wealthy and eventually realized that he could do more good by focusing on non-accredited investors.

Forefront Capital is an investment firm that is tailored to be realistic and beneficial to those in the economic middle. Reasonable investment amounts and access to financially sound, low-risk investments allows for portfolio diversification without the need for high risk investments. Eventually, as this part of the population becomes more familiar with the financial market and process of investing they are able to reap financial gains that they otherwise never would have had the access to.

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