Why You Should Strive to Work for a Professional Organization

The two places where you will learn the basics that you need to know about your career is school and the training that you get on the job. What most people who are trying to climb the career ladder do not realize is that work and learning are a continuous process and there is always something new to learn. In a country that has more than 90,000 trade and professional associations, it would only make sense to join a trade association which is affiliated with your career. Among the top benefits of joining these organizations is the fact that you get a chance to advance your education, networking opportunities and building credibility when you assume leadership roles. Visit architectmagazine.com to know more about Robert Ivy.

These trade associations are a resource that everyone joining the workforce needs. They have data and information which helps people in different fields understand what they need to about their field of study, without necessarily feeling like they are reinventing the wheel. They disseminate this information through webinars, websites, workshops and other events that they host. The aim of hosting these events is to bring together people in the same field and have them share ideas which will expand their capabilities.

The other great benefit which comes from being part of these organizations is that they assist people who have graduated but do not have jobs with the network which they need to get a job opportunity somewhere. Most of the professional organizations will host a conference and also attach a job fair to it where professionals can meet people that need certain positions filled in their companies. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects, one of the most prominent professional organizations in the country. He started his journey in 1996 when he joined the Architectural Record, he helped the journal to grow and become the most read journal in architecture all over the world. Robert Ivy is also a senior fellow at the Design Futures Council. The National Architecture Fraternity, Alpha Rho Chi named Ivy the ‘Master Architect’ for the efforts he has made in communicating the value of design. Robert Ivy is an excellent example of how professional bodies shape the careers of young professionals and help them succeed.

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Deirdre Baggot Career in the Medical Industry

Deirdre Baggot is a common figure in the world of medicine. According to her portfolio, the medical professional has extensive knowledge in hospital executive activities. Deirdre has also worked as a clinician for a very long time, and she is famous for being the pioneer of bundled payments. This came up because of her role in the CMS ACE activities. Her career has been marked by numerous inventions, and she has always left a good name in the companies she has worked for. A career in medicine is not as easy as we all know. Deidre has had a tough career life, but she is performing well regardless of the challenges along the way. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

In the course of her career in medicine, Deirdre Baggot has been able to successfully develop and at the same time design programs and strategies for more than two hundred medical centers and sixty bundles. Many patients in the world have experienced better services and clinical outcomes because of her achievements. The cost of medical care has also gone down because of what she has introduced on the market. Doctors and medical centers have also benefited from the reduced costs.

Apart from inventing numerous activities in the medical world, Deirdre Baggot has been serving as the leader in several boards in the healthcare world. All of the companies that have chosen to work with the businesswoman say that she is very patient with everyone she comes across, and she is always willing to look for a solution to the challenges people are experiencing in the medical world.

Because of the complexity of her career, Deirdre has to commit herself and sacrifice a lot of time so that she can leave a positive impact in the communities she comes across. The medical professional starts her day earlier than most of her employees so that she can plan her day well. For the last fifteen years, the doctor has been spending most of her time in meetings, and this means that she has to prepare well before she can make a presentation. Baggot has to move from one meeting to the other every single day.

Read this article: http://www.acc.org/latest-in-cardiology/articles/2016/06/10/11/12/business-consult


The Wolfe In The Beehive: Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe was considered at the brink of a decade, in 1989. An alum of Southern University, she is the innovative CEO responsible for the globally-notable Bumble application. She is moreover the kindred sponsor of the dating record breaking dating application, Tinder.

She graced the well-known Business Insiders Magazine Most Important Women under 30 list during 2014. She will proceed to appear on the Forbes magazine throughout the accompanying couple of years. Whitney Wolfe has been on the front of a wide array of magazines and earned her way to the TIME Century once-over in April of 2018. She filled in as VP of exhibiting for the Tinder application. Her undertakings incited the application exploding with downloads in school campus grounds and furthermore extraordinary markets.

In December 2014, Whitney left for Texas and built up the Bumble application. This was creative in light of the fact that it gave female-users more control while using the new dating application. This would draw in women customers of the dating application all around. Inside one year of putting it the market, the application saw in excess of 17 million dialogs and 82 million matches. Bumble has in excess of 30 million selected app customers. Forbes reports that the application is worth more than $1 billion. The App contrasts from standard dating applications in the manner in which that females must begin the correspondence contact to the individual.

Features, for instance, this has massively reduced goading cases and reports. The association’s home office is arranged in Austin Texas and has the moniker The Hive, as it ought to be. With in excess of 80 staff people, 85% of those staff people are females. The headquarters working environments considers it’s pros in the hive. Versatile work hours are set up and also the ability to pass on adolescents to the work environment if vital. Whitney Wolfe starting late joined Imagine Entertainment as a board partner. This association releases incorporate movies, TV programs, and distinctive other programming. With the development of Wolfe to their association, Imagine Entertainment is surely to assemble it’s currently adequate genuine reach and effect. Whitney Wolfe is to make certain a visionary and true pioneer. Her vitality to empower people and females particularly, pushes her consistently to simply ahead and progress.

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End Citizens United Help Beto O’Rourke Fight For The Senate

The state of Texas is known to be largely conservative by nature with Republican Senator Ted Cruz elected with ease to the Senate. Despite being elected on the back of a grassroots campaign organized by the Tea Party, Cruz has since become one of the best-known and largest recipients of special interest group funding in Washington D.C. End Citizens United shocked many political experts by placing the Texas Senator on its list of potential targets during the 2018 Midterms. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.


Cruz is being challenged by Texas Congressional Representative Beto O’Rourke, who has decided to challenge the former Republican Presidential candidate for his seat as he believes Cruz does not represent the needs of the people of Texas. O’Rourke is refusing to accept funding from Super PAC’s and special interest groups as he believes the integrity of Washington D.C. is being negatively affected by special interest group funding. End Citizens United is one of the few PAC’s Beto O’Rourke is willing to work with as they do not allow donations of more than $5,000 from any member. More than 70 Democrats and independents have signed the End Citizens United pledge to refuse special interest group funding during the 2018 Midterms which has attracted some of the best-known names on the left of U.S. politics. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

To back up his claims to not be affected by the traditional pitfalls of U.S. politics, Beto O’Rourke is refusing to use political consultants and polling groups. Instead, O’Rourke is seeking to run a no-frills campaign curated by volunteers who share his values and mindset.

Polls have shown the majority of voters in Texas do not know enough about O’Rourke to vote for him confidently. However, when the stance on the election campaign financing rules of Beto O’Rourke is explained to voters he leaps into a small lead, according to a recent poll conducted by End Citizens United.

Check: http://endcitizensunited.org/citizens-united-and-the-campaign-finance-crisis/

Ara Chackerian Ventures into TSM Health Solutions

Studies reveal that suicide claims more than 100 lives. Unfortunately, people are still uncomfortable talking about this issue, yet the news of people who have committed suicide continues to be read on the obituaries. However, the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain a few days apart have shed more light on this issue, and people are finally opening up to speak about it. In fact, research reveals that close to 45,000 Americans commit suicide every year, yet people are still treating the issue as a secret. The issue of suicide has been surrounded by misunderstanding and fear, which leads to lack of action.


According to Patch, the worst bit about suicide is that the loved ones of the dead always feel guilty and ashamed because they feel that they could have done something different to prevent the death of their family member. Unfortunately, family and friends cannot know that something is wrong with you when you don’t talk about it. Also, the other reason why suicide cases are on the rise is that people don’t know how to react. Surprisingly, suicide also affects successful people. In fact, most suicidal people believe that nothing can be done to help them. However, the best way to end suicide cases is to open communication lines; hence, you should reach out to someone you think is struggling with depression.


Ara Chackerian is based in San Francisco. He is well-known as a philanthropist and an established entrepreneur. Ara spent most of his career life in the healthcare sector bridging the gap between health care services and technology. He also has an interest in youth development and environmental cases. Ara Chackerian recently spoke in an interview about his recent ventures where he revealed that he wanted to venture into TSM Health Solutions together with his longtime business partner. As a result, Ara spent close to a decade working on network centers in northern California. You can check out their Vimeo account for more videos.


The vision of TSM Health Solutions is to design a care delivery model that enabled patients and physicians to attain their desired goals. The methodology should be geared towards putting the interest of the patient first regarding treatment and experience. The new venture was formed about two years ago, and they have managed to build seven new facilities that serve Sacramento and San Francisco.



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OSI Group Achieves Expansion From Simple Beginnings To Current State Of The Art Mega Distributor

In the beginning there was beef

From Humble beginnings, the founder of OSI Group, formerly doing business as Otto & Sons, started his butcher shop in 1909. Another new face came into the picture mid-century, someone with a small hamburger joint that he planned to franchise. The restaurant agreed to partner with Otto & Sons and receive their beef products exclusively from Otto. As the hamburger stand grew, the demand increased for the beef products from Otto & Sons. Together they made a fast food legend, known all over the world as McDonald’s Hamburgers.

Bigger, Better, Bolder

With the early rapid expansion of McDonald’s, the company needed to produce more and more beef patties. They accomplished this in the 70’s by dedicating a state of the art facility solely for the products that were served in McDonald’s restaurants. By this time, the company was transitioned into OSI Industries, and is now the Food Processing Giant OSI Group. The CEO has focused on expansion in the last few years. The demand for processed meat products on the global level has created an opportunity for OSI Group to expand into it’s current 65 facilities across international borders. The headquarters are located in Illinois, but there are processing plants in 17 countries. With expansion came further opportunities, including the implementation of additional foods, such as the Riverside, CA plant produces. This plant processes salsa, tofu, and bean products. Additionally OSI Group has vegetable and frozen retail products.

Leader In The Industry

Continued growth has been a true American Dream story. From a German Immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky to one of the most prominent Food distributors in the world, the small family business became a leader in supplying major retailers with fresh processed foods. From poultry to fish, beef to bacon and everything in between the multi-billion dollar company has negotiated the acquisition of major food suppliers such as Tyson and Baho Foods. The expansion into Asia-Pacific regions, Australia, and South American countries in addition to many more, was a smart move for OSI, but two of the major contributors are Europe and China. The introduction into the WTO made China’s ability to implement a facility in their country possible. Now OSI Group has additionally opened a dedicated R&D facility in Shanghai. The extreme growth in the 70’s was a result of OSI’s commitment to innovation, and it seems that the same is true today. With the CEO Sheldon Lavin’s dedicated efforts in R&D, food safety, efficacy, and environmental impacts, the future of the company is definitely sound.

Paul Mampilly wins the Templeton Foundation Awards

Paul Mampilly is a holder of MBA from the University of Fordham. He is the author of Profits Unlimited, a newsletter that is offering informative advice to potential investors on where they should be aiming at when looking for investment opportunities. Paul has also published other publications on the same topic of investment. There is True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. These publications are meant for people who want to make a difference in their lives by making money through positive financial decisions. The stock market is one of the best platforms through which one can make the necessary investment decisions. The stock market offers so many opportunities for multiplying money as opposed to other forms of investment. Paul advocates for investment in this market because he has been in the industry and has verified that indeed it is very profitable when approached in the right manner.

Paul Mampilly has accomplished so much in the past two decades that he has been in the Wall Street. He has worked for the major banks such as the ING, Bank of Scotland and others. With these banks, he managed to help them make million through investment. When he was tired of the large banking sector, he moved to the Wall Street. Here, he got an opportunity to manage billions as a hedge fund manager. Shortly after joining Wall Street. He made a great achievement by helping his first hedge fund known as Kinetic Asset management to make over $20 billion in return that year. The Barrons even featured the hedge fund for the great results which were recorded then.

Paul Mampilly worked in the Wall Street for a few more years. In 2009, he won the Templeton Foundation Award which was an investment contest. The best traders in Wall Street were put in one contest. The trader who would make the biggest return was to be awarded. Paul Mampilly emerged the winner after making $88 million from $50 million investment. He proved that he was the best in Wall Street.

With these accomplishments. Paul Mampilly recently decided to quit Wall Street and join the Main Street Americans who want information and assistance on how they can make the right investment.

Ryan Seacrest Is Not Just Another Name

Ryan Seacrest is a household name. Seacrest is possibly best known for hosting “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest,” an annual tradition for many. It may surprise you however, that until the past year he didn’t even live in New York, he resided in Los Angeles. Ryan Seacrest initially moved to host “Live” with Kelly Ripa. His new projects however have not stopped him from pursuing any of his others: from producing TV series like “American Idol” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” to running his own skin care and fashion line.

The 43-year-old, other than being a TV and radio show host, is constantly on the go and he shared his routine that helps him to achieve it all. Seacrest wakes up daily around 6:00am starting with a shower and shave. He dresses comfortable and casual most of the time in sweats, a T-shirt, and zip-up hoodie. An ordinary breakfast for Ryan Seacrest consists of matcha tea and coffee. Very avid about working out, Seacrest usually gets it done during the day whenever he can fit it into his schedule. Most recently he has been boxing and claims if anyone were to try and jump him he would be ready. Before heading to work Seacrest likes to catch up on all the overnight news and watch a bit of television. According to the Mens Journal, Ryan had a weight struggle, read more.

Earlier in Seacrest’s career, other than being busy with his charity, he claims he tried to answer every question as it was asked, and this led to his day feeling like a constant “fire fight.” Today he has learned to balance out what is asked of him, explaining it is okay to put things in queue. Seacrest, although very active with fans and social media has admitted to locking his phone in a safe when he is on a trip. He wants to live in the moment, and focus more on the people in the room than those on the phone. Seacrest has made a name for himself, making entertaining look easy. He claims it isn’t easy but as Dick Clark once told him, if you make people think it is then your doing it right.

Straight from the source: tmz.com/person/ryan-seacrest/

Neurocore, Brain Heroes

Neurocare is a charity organization based in the UK. The agency raises money to donate to Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital for the neurosurgery department. Since its establishment in the year 1997, the organization has raised more than one point three million used to cater for equipment for the specified department. They have funded the apparatus responsible for the treatment of brain tumors, cancer, and strokes. They also provide equipment for patients with neurological issues like; epilepsy, neuron disease and Parkinson’s disease to mention a few. Neurocore has since then explored a variety of programs all aimed at taking care of brain performance. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

The core program at Neurocare is to leverage the natural ability of the brain to change and become strong. The approach to making this possible is through science. The latest is brain mapping and neuroimaging, these methods are used to engage the brain in order to take care of symptoms like anxiety, focus, depression, sleep, migraines, memory and many others. focusing on depression, there is a drug-free program specifically to fight the symptoms of depression. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

Neurocare Centers receive people who come with many kinds of depressions at different levels. Most of these symptoms are chronic and worst they are debilitating. These indicators are caused by traumatic events and they tend to worsen by the day if not taken care of. Depression has a catastrophic impact on the affected individual and can also affect the family. It is important to know and understand when this ailment creeps in, the symptoms of depression are;

  • Anxiety
  • Low self- esteem
  • Social isolation
  • Low motivation
  • Low energy levels
  • Lack of interest in all activities including those a person loves.

To take care of these symptoms, Neurocore has a workable program that has been proven to work. They start with a neuro assessment in order to understand how the patient’s brain works. With an advanced qEEG tech, the brains electrical activity is measured and evaluated to determine the cause of the signs of depression. After that, through the neurofeedback program, the client is guided to make the brain function better regardless of the stresses of the day.

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Jim Toner’s Advice to Attain Financial Freedom

With over 25 years of entrepreneurial and real estate investment experience, Jim Toner has always been committed to becoming a more successful individual in his endeavors.

Toner believes that the right attitude is the best tool for all situations, believing that everything is all about perspective. Obstacle? Risk? Opportunity? Reward? Attitude is key in meeting and obtaining goals; and in real estate, there is always an opportunity.

According to Jim Toner‘s philosophy, it’s important to be surrounded with like minds and people who will ultimately aid one in meeting and obtaining goals. It’s also important to stay positive and Toner encourages everyone to read the stories of successful people to further drive and motivate one toward their goals.

Another piece of advice from Toner’s philosophy as per affiliatedork.com is that being healthy and in good condition physically. Good health leads to a better attitude, mind, body, and soul, making it easier to think and make better decisions. It’s critical to incorporate good habits with trying to achieve financial freedom, make every day count by consistently working toward your goals. Toner also feels that laughter is truly the best medicine, as it releases chemicals into the brain that aid in balancing the mind.

Jim Toner’s has further advice which would be regarded as pretty scary by the average American, but by working for another person, one can’t even work for themselves. Learning sales is another critical step to success. When one develops the skill to sell, people will like, respect, and buy from that individual with a purpose.

But all in all, what’s important to remember is that there is no secret or magic formula to success. Success is all about the individual and how they choose to make their life more successful. But as success comes, it’s key not to let go of one’s integrity and to always remain honest and humble.

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